Can you take the heat?

i don't think you can handle it! 

Are you ready for the hottest jerky on the planet?

Are you ready for the most insane spicy food challenge on the market?

Prove it - I dare you!

I want to see you rockin' this hilarious shirt BECAUSE YOU'VE EARNED IT!

What's In the Box?

Cool Ass Box of Gifts!
1 ounce of  Flaming Ass Jerky
Belly Aching Laughter Audio
Good Luck Charm
"I SURVIVED" t-shirt coupon - pay S& H to redeem
Discount on a future purchase




Tell Them You Survived!
This one-of-a-kind shirt is $999 in our store for a reason! Because only the survivors of Katie's Flaming Ass Jerky Challenge get a special code to get the shirt FOR REAL.

Wear it as a badge of pride! Believe me, you'll have earned it once you do this challenge.

That little dude on the T-shirt ain't kidding around either...that's gonna be YOU! Or the poor friend you buy this for. Make sure to film them while they're eating the jerky!

Don't film the other part...

The Wall of Flames

Here are our brave victims heroes that are proudly showing off their shirt!

They went through the fire and filmed it. You can watch them as they desperately try to survive!  Take the challenge and send us your video so you can be added to the Wall of Flames!  

Order Katie's Flamin' Ass Jerky Challenge NOW!

Must be 18 years of age or older to order and engage in this promotional challenge. Begins 06/01/2018 and never ends.
Good luck all of you!